English writing and Project management services

Hello, my name is Erica Taylor Goodwin. I'm a freelance English language and communication expert, who can also work in Danish. Originally from the US, I've lived and worked 20 years in Denmark. 

18 years of work experience in different roles, all utilizing my writing composition skills and flair for organisational development. The most recent eight years I've spent working cross-organizationally in five different industries within the areas of learning design, digital marketing, and e-commerce. This combined experience, a graduate school education, and the ability to acquire new knowledge make me an efficient and professional business writer, instructional designer and project manager, who can work "in-house" or remotely.

Hire me when you want to use English communication to win more customers or score more points with partners. 


Communication that is to the point


Check out what I could do more specifically for your company or organization:

Content and Copywriting


Websites, blog posts, and other webtexts that are SEO optimized. Case studies, white papers, company presentations, newsletters, just to name a few examples.


Redesign of training materials or new educational content for courses, micro-learning or blended learning. I collaborate with your subject matter experts so you will get accurate and effective training materials.

Policy and Contracts

CSR, data security, employee handbook, frame agreements, purchase agreements, service agreements, terms & conditions, etc. As companies grow, so does their need for documentation of practice. I can gather input from your subject matter experts and write up your policy or contract templates, in English or Danish.

Proposals and Projects


Bring me in as bid support when you have a stack of documents that need translating to English before the tender deadline. Even better, bring me in before the RFP lands in your inbox. 


Maybe you would like to raise funds through Innovationsfonden or another foundation. I can help you formulate or streamline your project application. Two organisations I have helped were each awarded 850.000-900.000 DKK. My success rate with helping organisations gain funding is 80%. 


Many small to medium sized companies can benefit from investing in development projects that can boost their internal or external communication. I'm a trained project manager and I've worked project based most of my career.

Read what others have to say about me via my profile on Linkedin or read below about my work experience.

Recent Case

Assignment: I was approached by a Copenhagen based digital agency to write, edit and proofread a large, new corporate website for a leading international pharma-tech company. Using the new "voice" of the company and customer personas, and key terms, the content manager and I wrote first draft texts. Other authors contributed along the course of the project. During the last stage, I edited the texts, so they all used consistent vocabulary and were tightly written. Finally, I proofread the website, making sure to follow correct grammar usage and clarify corporate language usage guidelines.

The outcome: There is now a re-branded corporate website (MVP) that will help the company win more customers, and thus maintain its leading position in the market.


Some well accomplished projects and assignments for the following employers from 2007-2017.


Content writing and editing

Writing of reports and many other texts since my years at a private college in the USA, where I graduated with honors. I continued writing throughout a Master's degree program and career in Denmark. My broad knowledge base and experience in the Danish business world since 2010 will be a benefit to your project. 


My web copywriting experience is primarily within the instructional design and writing of manuscripts for digital learning tools. I have assisted Radiometer, Coloplast, Carlsberg and ECCO, to name a few. 


Working as an account manager at a large digital agency and as a bid coordinator at an IT-supply company gave me solid experience in bid processes and answering RFPs and RFIs, including writing executive summaries.


Translation and Proofreading

As a native English speaker at Danish workplaces, I have been the go-to-person for Danish to English translations. I have edited, translated and proofread frame agreements, powerpoints, proposals, terms and conditions for Creuna, COMM2IG and the former ADDA (Association for Danish Digital Agencies). 

Policy review

At a large hospital, I completed a project where I reviewed an area of HR policy and practice, piloted new initiatives and made recommendations for improvements. I have also translated and polished policy documents within the area of corporate social responsibility and data security. Bring me in if you would like help describing your policy.

Grant writing and Project formulation

I am proud of my 80% success rate for winning funding for organisations through solid project concepts and plans, so they can continue their good work. 

Maybe you don't need to apply for funding, but simply need a solid project description formulated? I have experience with that, too.



More proud moments.


Great teamwork is at the heart of memorable successes

  • While I worked as a learning and development consultant, our team delivered a digital learning tool for Coloplast. The purpose was to help global healthcare providers learn to identify different types of stomi profiles of patients. I contributed by designing the concept for the instructional flow and wrote copy for the tool. Collaboration with the client was energizing and the end-user feedback extremely positive. 

  • Working with a team of website developers at a digital agency, so we could overhaul our website service contract. This involved my taking initiative and listening closely to issues and ideas from the team as well as company management. Writing the new service contract was a strong group effort and we "plugged" many holes that had been preventing fair compensation for our servicing of customer websites. 

  • My writing a project description from scratch under very tight deadline was a significant factor in our team's winning a lucrative 4-year IT-supply contract with a global company.